Music is an Amazing Business

Music is very powerful on our senses. It helps defrost a lot of our emotions. Whenever, whatever situation we are in, either of pleasure or of pain, it is music that gives comfort to almost every situation.

There are so many arts and artists in this world but music is the master of all the arts and musicians and music composers are the masters of all creativity. Musicians have the ability to feel the sensuousness and the intensity from a single bit of a string of an instrument to the whole lot of it.

In times of pain or in times of the healing process, music can melt the ice into tears. And it does. There are people who play a single instrument in a way that they catch the listener’s ears first and then their tunes hook the whole of a listener up to them. This is an amazing business!


2 thoughts on “Music is an Amazing Business

  1. Veronica Messegee says:

    The head of the music department where I once went to school told me that memorization was the lowest form of thinking, creation the highest. Music theory courses demystified the composition process quite a bit for me, but despite all the formulas and math (the very structured and analytical bits) of music, there is still that ethereal quality to it. That little something that makes music just right, that comes solely from feeling.

    I’ve heard it said that music is the language of God. Music is all encompassing. If that is true, then what could be more creative than music? I agree with you.

    When I hear really good music, no matter the genre or content, no matter if it’s spiritual, fun, or full of intense emotion….when it’s good, it’s when the composer/artist has let go and allowed their spirit to soar.

    • Moazzam Shaikh says:

      I admire all the good artists, painters, musicians, poets, writer, photographers, because they somehow have the accurate perception of what is going around them and most of all they are the great creators of all perceptions.

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