Life: a game or a drama

As we move up in life, those who are not as far along as we are, try to pull us down to where they are. Is this a sort of test for us to see how much those things bother us?

People who pull us down to their level, are not confused ones. In fact, they completely understand the situation, or maybe more than us, which is why they do this. But they are miserable because they do not have the capacity to see us up there.

Yes, it is time to test our conviction. It is time to see where our conviction is, if we go with them. If we go with them, our tendency is to believe more the way they do.

It is even harder than if we continue moving on our own path. By doing this, by going their way, we will have more misery as they do.

It is true that when we see someone dodging someone else and he succeeds in that, we think that this is what we should also try sometime. When we do it ourself, few of us find out the pleasure in it and few of us get down to misery.

We can take life as a game in which we have to compete by hook and crook, and we can take life as a drama in which we have to take care of our emotions as well as others’.


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