If we know how to think

Happiness is a true feeling and truth is not something to be achieved. It comes into being when our heart and mind do not strive to be somebody, when our heart and mind are slowed down to a level where we can listen to every detail of sound that comes to us, when we are all free from all fear.

People learn their religions by seeing the practices and by listening to the teachers of religions about what it is and by the time they are supposed to be independent, they are stuck in the dogma of what they saw and of what they heard and they develop a sense of what to think in what situation. It is alright to learn about religions but the thing that we should learn is to how to think, not what to think. If we know how to think, then we are free human beings and therefore we can find out what religion is.

The formulas which have been handed down to us, can be a part of religion. It might be possible that we find a certain pleasure in applying those formulas, but it is all that we individually know about what we saw and what we heard. We are just following blindly. We must know the reasons of what we are doing and to get to know that we must feel every detail of what we see and what we listen to.


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