Happiness is Strange

People want to be happy and they always look for happiness in small or big things. But it does not come so easily because it is not in things.

People have various things in their lives and those things give them satisfaction for a while but only for a while because it is not in things that can bring happiness into people’s life.

It is very important for all of us to find out the real meanings of happiness as for which we used to do so much.

It is a fact that happiness does not come when we struggle for it. The things that give us temporary satisfaction are only the modes that touch our senses in one way or the other but those are not capable to make us happy.

Happiness is strange. A kiss can bring happiness as it follows the exact path that inspires all those senses one after another that leads us to happiness. Isn’t it strange?

We never knew that a kiss can work that way that people can be happy in reality. As long as people remember this fact, they are happy. It is an unexpected happiness symbol which mysteriously comes with any kind of situation and with purity.


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