Man is Proud

Man is proud and we are incapable of looking at the beauty of life because of pride. It is not that simple to understand pride. To understand the pride, we must see how it begins and how it spread the catastrophe.

It takes a little time to analyze the situation and people with a sharp-eye or those who are used to take observant breaks very often, always need a little time to go through this. But to those who are not very keenly interested to figure things out, they try sometimes but then leave it in the middle because they cannot pay their full attention to this.

Keen observers know very well what is pride and they learn how to maintain a state of mind that might allow them to view the beauty of the life and the ugly faces of life as well. They are very well aware of the ugliness and they try to degrade such matters of ugliness and keep trying to promote the beauty of life as this elevate and improve the societies around them.


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