When We Live With An Idea

When we live with some particular idea and when we bound ourselves to live with it; it is very difficult for us to be inconsistent and to see the beauty outside that boundary.

It is true that we sometimes enjoy being bound with that idea because it pleases us, but there is a lot more which could be part of our pleasure but that we overlook.

When we have an ideal life of non-violence; we enjoy being bound by it because violence can never be pleasing, so we try to be consistent with that ideal. In this viewpoint, it is better to be consistent and have not been doing contradictory things like doing one thing today and the opposite thing tomorrow.

Promising ourself in a way that we are going to be like that for the rest of our life, is something consistent but irrational. It does not mean to relate the violence anyway. It can only relate to a conclusion and it is something like building a wall around oneself, and being bound by it.

We must not neglect the beauty of free movement. When we bound ourself by any ideal, we restrict ourself to view the beauty of our existence. When we bound ourself by an ideal, we think that that ideal is something which can lead us to a better living without suffering. It may be correct for a while, but what if we begin to suffer from something anyway, which we do not know.

Here, we need to question ourself but we are bound so we do not question ourself and keep living in that misery. So, is that correct to blame that ideal? We should think about it right at the very moment that that ideal did not give birth to us, it could not be as powerful to take our lives from us.

We need explanations in such situations and we cannot get the explanations being bound.


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