A Sense of Nobody

Inside every human being, there is an emptiness and a sense of nobody, which is why people like to be famous and to be talked about. The more we are talked about, the more we feel important to the world.

Since, everybody here in this world wants to become famous so do we. Everybody wants to be rich and when we see inside us, we find no richness which could be everlasting, so we go to different institutions to learn something meaningful that can add some knowledge and experience to our being and we later become a professional or expert in that particular skill. And finally we succeed to become known from the unknown.

It is not completely correct that we cannot be rich enough from the inside, but it takes a lot of care, and it demands very keen attention.

It is difficult to understand the state of being rich from inside because we are busy trying to be famous in the outer world and we forget to pay attention to the inside. Whereas we should try to understand the fact that we can be rich from the inside as well. It only takes a little effort in considering us the other way and leave the race of being famous.

When we live our life with the intentions not to be famous in the outer world, we begin getting rich responses from the inner self and there starts the process of being beautiful and rich inside. It may cause some outward emptiness and people may feel lonely but the truth is that in such conditions we are no more relying on groveling of others which amuses us on the other hand.

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