Life is Factual

Life is an extraordinary mystery. It is not the mystery that people talk about, but a mystery that one has to discover for oneself. When we understand a little, we always try to go beyond it just to know what more is inside it.

It is very important for us to explore our life in young age or otherwise we grow up impulsive. No matter how much money we make, if we do not expand our vision, our knowledge towards life, our life will remain a mystery.

By expanding our vision, when we go out into the world and see different kinds of people doing different things, living in different worldly conditions, we must understand their way of living. It is not as though necessary to be one of them as we cannot be the one of those whom we meet or see in the world outside but we must try to understand their kinds and characters and accept them as they are.

Life is factual and it has its sentiment. A sentiment to be cried over, or to be laughed out. It is important for us to know this matter while we are young. It is possible that we see people around us who have not built the right understanding towards the real meanings of life and its purpose but we have to work on it.

We may find the societies at war or at some other crisis but it should not stop us to move on to our way to know the other outlooks. We may discover the limited ideologies which forcefully applied to societies and people living in those particular societies are not that strong any more to break those bars and go beyond them to know more and to cherish life.

We must not be limited to the so called ideologies and should always try to expand the perception of the whole of life.


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