The Flame of Discontent

The creativeness that is hidden in initiating, gets the water to its roots when someone continues living unprompted. This is not something to be afraid of. Why do so many people are afraid of being natural and be free? Whereas we can only initiate to think and discover by giving a shot to various small things that we see in our life.

It is true that as we grow older, our life becomes a priority, and there are lots of things in our lives that we have to prioritize. In all that prioritization, we feel that we need discipline and regulation in our behavior and finally we take charge over our spontaneity.

How appropriate is it to talk about freedom when we, ourselves, take control over our natural and ordinary being?! The initiation is the spark of beginning and when it converted into flame, it delivers creativeness. It is hard to get and it is harder to lose the creativity that one has found in him/her.

Creativeness is not just merely a matter of painting pictures or writing poems. What is important, to be wholly discontented. The more we are discontented, the more we become creative as we get mature. Joy is very important in being grumpy because without joy we cannot go further in creativeness, we cannot find out the real meaning of creativeness. Wishing that the circumstances to be different, is not completely discontented. Doing something to change the circumstances could be.

If we keep the spirit of being discontented alive throughout our lifetime, the flame of discontent will then have an extraordinary significance because it will build, it will create, it will bring new things into being. New things come into being because of us, will definitely be pleasing to us as this is what we want. Change and new things in our life.

We must always try to create space for our mind to grow and being discontented in life brings such joyous spaces that we always cherish them.


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