Ask for what you do not know

While talking about creativeness and discontent; we should also ask ourselves that, is it possible for us to think clearly and get something real out of our grumpy thinking. We must know that we can think clearly only when we are not seeking any result.

When there is no fear to get whatever result it may be, we can think clearly. Fear does not allow us to think clearly whereas we are made to think clearly and to live a free life.

Most of us are discontent in one way or the other because we all want something that we already do not have. In pursuit of getting what we do not have, we do not bother to dismiss so much around us and get focused on that particular thing which we want. Sometimes, we work hard to get it and sometimes we just try to get it with a little effort. But we do it either way for sure and it is because our discontent is based upon our desire for more.

In all this discontent in which we want something particular, we are unable to think clearly about anything and we can never find a solution, or we can never solve the mystery, or we can never get to the point of success, or we can never be the happy person that we should be.

When we do not know why we are dissatisfied, why we behave grumpy, when we are not running for anything particular; finally we can think clearly. When we do not accept but question, there is an insight out of which comes creativity and joy. When we do not bother to listen to, to talk to, how can we penetrate in situations in which we are not getting involved anyway?!

We must get in touch with everything that can cause discontent. We must ask everything that we want to know because those things we did not know earlier and it is always better to question and get to know about what you do not know.


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