The Pleasure of Perfection

There are times when we let our thoughts have the pleasure of perfection. Those are the times when we completely and freely follow all that we listen to, all that we see through, all that we touch, all that we feel.

Actually it is the time when we enjoy every bit of the moments that we live in. In those moments, there is no censor, there is no judge, there is no evaluator, there is no fear in looking straight into the face of another, no one nowhere.

People are usually frightened by looking at someone straight in the eye and the same way they also do not like others to look into their faces as well. It is just a sense of fear that most of us do not try to overcome.

People do not want to reveal themselves. They try to reveal others but they are reluctant in case if someone else tries the same. There could be another reason as well, people are under certain control of some other people which is why they do not want to reveal their weakness.


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