Initiate Something Constructive

We should learn how to initiate something constructive.

Initiating itself is something that is an extraordinary thing for people who do not take any initiative in their lives. It needs not be anything very great or extraordinary. We only need to start something without being prompted.

There is no big deal in doing that and by saying that does not mean that we are going to start building another highest tower of the world. We can initiate anything while walking and talking and even while being seated. While walking through some corridor, we look at someone who is coming towards us, and we spontaneously smile while looking at him. While walking along the street, we remove a stone from the path. That is also an artless and natural act without any fear and without any prompt.

Similarly, in our daily life, we can live freely by initiating so many little things which neither harm us nor anyone else. In fact, we will feel better along with all those who see us living in such a way. Our small but tremendous initiatives ultimately lead us to the very beautiful land of creativeness.


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