Our Thoughts, Our Interests

Our mind is full of thoughts. Thoughts that jump from one to another. We have lots of interests but we don’t know how many of them that we can cope up with and how many of them that we can’t. But they all are our interests and we want to do something with each one of them. We must realize that we can’t water the whole garden at one time, we must go slowly, one after one. It is exceptional that we realize to do just a single thing at one time because our thoughts frequently jump over and over to each other and there are so many of them that we could not figure out what to do and how to handle them and ultimately get restless.

It is not normal for any human being to deal with death either in his own home or the neighbors’. Times like these, are mixed up because our feelings and emotions get all caught up in a situation of untangling a very dear part of life. We used to live our lives with people around us, the family member, friends, neighbors, etc. We usually do not think of death until it knocks our door itself and when it comes, we try to escape from it but we could not. We just have to deal with it and find ways to move on.

The matter is actually our thoughts, their purpose, and their effects on our lives. We move a lot. We walk a lot and when we walk, the whole body moves and sends messages to our brain. These messages further function in a way to let us know when to slow down or when to stop. When we follow a single thought for quite some time, it disables the function of others and it could hurt in some way. Every thought has to do something, every thought has a purpose. It does not matter what purpose these thoughts have, but they have to function in one way or the other. When we do not allow them to function in any way, they hurt.


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