Are You Listening?

When we sit silently with no fixed attention on anything, without making any effort to concentrate, but sit quietly. Then we hear everything. We hear the far-off noises as well as those that are nearer and those that are very close by. In this state of being, we really listen to everything. Our mind is not attached to any particular thought or any narrow channel. We listen to everything with ease, without any effort.

It happens rarely but when it does, we find an extraordinary change taking place within us, a change that comes without any desire, a change that comes without asking, a change in which there is great beauty and depth of insight.

We mainly listen to something in two ways:

  1. We listen to something that may be confirm our thoughts.
  2. We listen to something that may be enable us to find out something.

The third and most powerful way to listen to anything or everything around is to sit silently without any intentions and just listen to whatever comes to your ears. To do this, to listen to things this way, we must have a very quiet mind. While listening with a quiet mind, we won’t be distracted by something happening right next to us. Our mind is quiet and we deeply listen to everything. Quiet mind has the capability to transform the beauty in one’s heart, and it’s highly possible that what we experience in such state of mind, we had never been to before.

Our thoughts are the creation of our mind and human mind battle over the thoughts that are already put together or those that try to take some place. Whether we are young or old, whether we are inexperienced or well qualified, what is it that we all want. It’s happiness. We all want to be happy.


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