The Beauty of Fresh

It’s very important to be exposed to new ideas, to something to which we may not be accustomed. It’s good to see what is beautiful, but we must observe the ugly things of life as well. We must be exposed to things which we don’t understand a little or even at all. When we think about those things which we don’t know anything about or which are somewhat difficult for us; we build our capacity to live richly by reaching out for them to understand.

For quiet some time, I’ve not been able to wake up early in the morning that I could possibly observe the sunrise. Yes, I blame myself because I’m so tied up with the daily routine and I completely forget to observe the nature’s beauty in itself. Now, I’m physically going to do this. I’ll wake up early in the morning before the sunrise and go out there to observe the beauty of it. I’m sure, it’ll help me stretching some ideas in my head.


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