Your Courage Leads You

People who often meet with wise men, know that their challengers are wise enough and there are other ways to find out how to tackle them. They realize that cowardice and fearfulness would not help them in any way to avoid the conflict. So they use their weapon of gossip. After all, this is what their opponents also use against them and it does not take much effort to walk this way a little or more. This way they easily find out the astray soon enough to take care of otherwise it could destroy months of their dedication.

It’s a trick and people often are the victim of it. They don’t know where it started from and they are not capable of figuring this out. Even, they are unable to prove it wrong. When such mistreated words come to their ears, they get disturbed and want to escape from it but they can’t because they are the victims and they will then have to work for it, though they condemn.

It’s hard to defend such situations and it’s even harder to just stay away from it because when it happens, they might get some kind of punishment. No matter, they are right or wrong. So they take notice of all the consequences and the undeserved punishment that they can suffer. It’s not always the right way to use the same trick against those who put them in such situation so they will have to use additional weapons, some additional tricks, the tricks that their opponents are unaware of.

These are the sad moments for them and they are depressed. They shut down everything and sit in silence for some time to understand and to listen to their inner voice of wisdom before taking any action. Their inner self tells them that they are not the ones to dwell into the practice of blues and they are far better than that. They recall those who have already been through all this and how they suffered and could not come out of that very woe.

They refuse, their inner self refuse to stay in that state, and it urges them to be angry at it and find out the way to come back into the light, where they belong to. When they didn’t make any mistake then why are they convicted. It’s time to fight back and fight back well as strong as they have never been before. Deep down, they know that they are good human beings and they can come out of this situation and they start taking actions in order to take the charge back in their hands. They combine with their friends, they join hands with them, they join their wisdom together. Of course, they pay some price to win but ultimately they get back to where they belong to, and they stay there with more power than they had before.


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