It’s Time to Reminisce

People who know that it’s impossible to live in a state of complete relaxation, have learned their lesson from the hardship and they know that in order to cross one mountain to the other, they must be strong enough to tolerate the stretching pain in their muscles. Once they are completely relaxed, they won’t be able to stretch enough.

These people are admirable in their sense of not being confused between tension and anxiety but they distinguish the tension and anxiety differently. They don’t make many mistakes but few. They choose their words and their actions carefully because they know that their words and actions will have longer life than they will have.

They often take their steps back when they feel that their constant struggle is not making any difference. They only go forward to something that could have some advances and improvements otherwise there is nothing worth it, as they think. It’s better to just sit together for a dialogue and try to figure out the situation and to decide the next steps to take. They know that it’s not time to reminisce.

In order to evade the useless effort and the use of strength, they stop. They better know that their opponents are also wasting their energy too and they also will get nothing out of this except for remaining low strength, so they stop.

They always learn from fighting that only enthusiasm is not enough to win, there is the experience that counts. Experience comes to those who not only use their enthusiasm but their sense of inspiration. It ultimately gives them the results that they were seeking for. When they are not getting the results, they think it’s time to reminisce again. It’s a point of recollecting their achievements.


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