Hello Everyone

I’d like to express my gratitude on having such an awesome, kind and liberal readership here on my blog and also like to share some insight with you all.

I’m now one year old at WP. I started blogging in July, last year, and at that time, I had very little idea about how it works. I was reluctant to publish my writings because I didn’t know how to connect with people over this platform. Gradually, I figured out that it’s not that tricky, you only need to be yourself. Now I’ve crossed the 100+ readership line which is splendid (“splendid”, a remark which I often get after publishing on WP Smile).

Here are the highlights:

  • Top Post of the Month (May 2012): People like to be creative because creativity is an art and everybody loves to involve in some kind of art. The Creative Emptiness was one of the posts which got most attention throughout the month and later on. It’s a reality check reminder and I’m glad that people liked it.
  • Top Post of the Month (June 2012): There is a strange power recharge we get when we help others and see people happy. We talk about change, we try to bring some change in the world and in lives of others but we overlook to Allow the Change to Work in Our Favor as well. We should let it work for us too. I’m glad that people liked this post.
  • Top Post of the Month (July 2012): A post that is also very close to my senses. A post which helps me too every time I read it. A post which reminds me of my inner self. I’m glad that people liked A Chain of Choices as well.
  • Least Popular Post: I was thinking about this, while writing, that it could be neglected and shall cross quickly through the readers’ eye and now I can say that I was thinking right. I Know is the post which narrates a critical point in our conversations. It has nothing related to myself saying that I know something and that I am trying to tell the world.
  • Guest Post: Recently I submitted a post to a fellow blogger to publish it on her blog as a guest post. Authority as a Guide is a post about power, influence, and bringing about peace in our inner world.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog. Keep reading, keep connected and have a look at the blog site once in a while just to see some other updates that I put up time to time.

If you like to publish any of your articles on my blog, you are welcome to submit your article at moazzamshaikh@gmail.com.

Thanks a million. ~Moazzam Shaikh

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