Fame is Absurd

Intelligence comes into being when we begin to understand the whole environment, the social, the religious, the parental and the traditional influences. Many people in the world are independent, but very few are free because very few have the intelligence. Is freedom a matter of doing what suits us or going to places where we like to go or thinking about what we want and what is our will? Freedom means great intelligence.

To understand the various influences and to become free from them requires deep insight and it comes to only those who are not inwardly worried. We mostly think about security and being secure is a compulsion for us whereas freedom is a state of mind in which there is no fear of compulsion. We want to be safe. We want to be told that we are fantastic individuals. This gives us self-assurance and a sense of importance. We feel famous and fame is what we all want to get. In this world, the moment we want to be somebody, we are no longer free.

To see the extraordinary beauty and depth of a free person, we need to understand the simplicity. People who see the absurdity of all the fame thing somehow keeps an innocent heart beating in their humble and modest bodies. We rarely look inside the person who lives a simple and free life because we learn from our childhood that we must be successful like someone else.

We keep ourself busy trying imitating the hero of our childhood to be like him, to be successful like him. Our teachers and parents forget the fact that the real function of education is not to imitate anybody, but to be ourself all the time.

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