People who live in a vigilant state of being, do not ask for permissions. They take charge of their actions pertaining to what results they are thinking about to have. It does not take long for them to take a decision on getting a hold on the conditioning around them, and they have the power to control it and to change it.

They know that they cannot go ahead all alone, so they look around and quickly choose their friends to be with in order to accomplish the chores and they do it well. The same way they look around and find those who are against them and they shall be giving them a hard time.

They think it is disgusting to be unreliable and they feel it really cruel to be that way. When it comes to fight against those who are the unreliable, they go on but only to the limited extent which is necessary to move on, and then they just take their steps back because it is their fight for themselves to bring about the change for themselves and for the people who are with them, not for those whom they are fighting with.

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