Stay at Ease

There is no doubt that values of honesty and integrity lay the very foundations of trust and respect between any relationship. Speaking truth is an ingrained value within each one of us right from our childhood. But sometimes, going along the way, we have to compromise and that is the beginning of a battle for self. Speaking truth becomes a struggle when we start compromising on various issues of life.

Compromise is a big thing and people don’t compromise most of the times in their life. It’s a big deal if people say that they are 100 percent true. They might be correct but most people who even speak the truth don’t like to say it because they feel like bragging about themselves.

In our childhood, we learn ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and we value the lesson and don’t forget it throughout our life. There are no excuses left behind being true so we like to be true, no matter what the consequences are. Many of us know that we can build trust between our relationships by being honest and true, it’s a foundation of our relationships.

Some of us don’t think it’s a good idea to be honest in every situation. They think that it’s not necessary to speak and give a true comment about what you feel. They think that speaking the truth may hurt the person in front of them. It’s correct that it’ll hurt the person initially but later they’ll understand and respect them more. Speaking the truth initially will be difficult but later it’ll be at ease.

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