A Chain of Choices

In the state of unresolved matters, it’s difficult to overcome the anger and difficult to move forward by just letting it go. It baffles people though they are eager to let go of the things that bring suffering. Negative things have a strange kind of magnetic energy in them that they stick to people for long.

By sharing our necessary suffering, we can process the pain of our inner lives. We are afraid of our stories to be told but if we completely forget how to grieve, we’ll end up having only distress in our lives.

People lose something and they develop a sense of guilt in themselves which was not necessary. Then it takes months, even years sometimes, to forgive and forget what has happened and to move forward in finding new joy and new meaning in lives. We should always try to focus on creating a fulfilling life in the present.

In mixed-up situations and difficult times, the self-esteem level declines and people get scared to step into the unknown. In fact, known things turn into the unknown, sometimes. It’s complex to come out of the dream in which people thought of what they were and what they hoped to have with them. They simply forget the way they used to like themselves.

It seems like life is a chain of choices and we need to choose between fear and love most of the times.

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