Again and Again

What is present around us? We often don’t look around. There is so much there which we just miss to observe in our daily lives. A common reason behind missing all that is, we have realized the presence of those things and we have talked about those things, we have felt those things and we need something more to it.

To my personal experience, I also feel the same way somehow, but my experiences are different from others and this fact makes them unique. When we share something with someone who really listens to us, who really gets involved in our talks, we develop a comfort zone in which we like to stay as long as we can. When we come out of that comfort zone, it is difficult for us to feel and share things the same way.

We, humans can’t live without feeling and sharing what we feel. It’s like this earth needs gentle rains in its fields now and then. The bright sun doesn’t sleep a single minute and doesn’t stop pouring its pitiless heat on earth. It turns the delicate blue sky into grey with mist and everything on earth goes down to death sooner or later. It must pour gentle showers of rain to cultivate the dull and lifeless lands again and again. Same is the case with humans, we need to seek and develop the comfort zone again and again and to stay in it for longer periods.

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