I Know

To learn about myself and to know about myself are two entirely different things. Learning is a constant and myself is something changing all the time. We experience changes in ourselves such as new thoughts, new feelings, new variations, new intimations, new hints, etc., whereas learning is a non-progressive process.

Our mind works in a constant learning state. It’s always fresh, always prepared to gain knowledge even it has the capability to accumulate knowledge with yesterday’s learning.

Learning is a constant, active process. We cannot say that we know this and we know that. For example if, during a conversation with someone, I say that “I know”, it actually means that I don’t know because I learned just a little before saying that, and there is a lot more to it which also needs to be learned.

We learn more in order to add to what we have already learnt. So, in this case, how can we just say that “I know”?


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