Day 3 in KSA

Today’s target was tough as I had to travel to another city for another business meeting and had to come back to Riyadh the same day. It has never been tough for me to travel any part of the world except when I travel alone. Today is one of those days when I had to travel all alone and the whole day was in travel.

The sun was bright as usual. I started my travel around 8:30am KSA time and I reached Dammam, the other city at 2:30pm KSA time. There was only a 15 minute stopover for refreshments during our way to Dammam. I don’t know exactly the area where we stopped but it was somewhere in the middle of the desert. Everywhere I saw, is desert, and the wind was blowing fast so I still feel the sand in my hair.

I spent three and a half hour in Dammam, finished the meeting and hopped on to the way back to Riyadh again. It was 6:00pm KSA time when I started moving back and now the time is 1:00am KSA time. Now I am seriously thinking to go to bed and take some rest. The coming day is another day of travel towards Jeddah.

(from my travel journal – 24.06.2012)


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