Conceptual Relationship

An analysis by the specialist does not answer the issue. Analysis takes time, it requires a great deal of insight, for if we analyze wrongly, the following analysis will be wrong. If we analyze and come to a conclusion and proceed from that conclusion then we are baffled or confused.

We can find out why we are angry, but that does not stop us from being angry. We can analyze and we can find out the consequences of war and the killings, yet we go on killing each other, in the name of God, in the name of an ideology, in the name of the country, in the name of whatever it is. It’s a matter of pride otherwise we are very well aware of the cost of it.

Through the imagery of knowledge, when we say that what a lovely weather it is, how beautiful colors it has; we remember it and then we enjoy the pleasure derived through that memory, through the memory of the feeling of closeness to it.

Similarly, when in anger, we say something, we remember it and then when we have same conditions, we feel the same way. The difference is the replacement, from pleasure to pain.

Our thoughts bring about the difference and the division between these two feelings. If we were able to look at things without the imagery of thought, without the previous memory, there must be an actual relationship that we had with someone, not just a conceptual one.


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