Day 2 in KSA

Traveling is always amazing. After venting a bit of my anger about what happened yesterday, I was hoping for some good time, so today was a better day.

To reach into the project area, I needed to travel to another city where there is no airport. The only possible way to go there was to go by road. I managed to hire a cab and we moved on. It was another hot day.

In the project area, I met with new people, a guy from Turkey, a guy from Germany and an Indian. We had to work together on a same project.

Normally, in situations like this when you meet new people with whom you are going to spend some time; you take some time to get to know each other and build frankness. But here, we didn’t have much time to introduce ourselves formally. We all were there for work and since we all knew the scope of our work is interconnected so we quickly reached to the mark of comfort and started working on our project.

We quickly reached comfort level and during all that time, other than work stuff, we kept talking about several things which ultimately got us closer faster. It was fun at the same time.

All in all, it was a better day.

(from my travel journal – 23.06.2012)


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