Day 1 in KSA

You might be thinking that I will tell you something about what interesting happened during my journey but actually it’s little different from that.

The summer heat here in Riyadh is different from what we enjoy in Dubai. It’s 11:00pm KSA time and if you dare to walk outside, you will feel like you are standing in front of an oven.

My flight was good, comfortable and on time. The day got worse when I reached the passport control. There were three long queues of first time visitors. The same was the case with me. This is my first visit to this country.

I thought that it’s normal and it will take a while to go through the formalities but it took six long hours. I don’t want to tell anyone or write in detail what happened during all that time, but it was awful, really awful. The only thing I would want to say that there is a need of massive improvement.

Good night!

(from my travel journal – 22.06.2012)


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