Shortsighted Policy

It won’t be wrong saying that the more separate governments there are, the more jobs there will be. Though it is a shortsighted policy but it is spreading throughout the world.

History set this example of separatism. After every successive war, the separatism expanded its roots. Whenever nations got divided into two or more nations, new governments came into being and when new governments came into being, they formed new policies, new reforms.

There are jobless people across the globe. When there are reforms in any part of the world, people get jobs. This way, the separatism, the division, is a positive sign.

The tendency of getting divided, getting separated, forming new policies, creating jobs, forming new governments, and so on, eventually move towards federations, towards coming together. Man is not made to be separated from another man.

Constant breakups need to stop at some point of time. If you are a decent man, think about the situation of constant breakups and separatism; you will definitely rebuff the situation and all the grounds involved in it.

Belonging to a particular country, to a particular group, tends more to divide people. The division between man and man create only hatred, a meaningless disgust. Is this the way to solve the world’s chaos?


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