A Deep Sense of Austerity

Forget your weaknesses and think about courage, just courage. In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it occasionally.

We are so busy in our lives that we overlook so much out there lying in the dates on the calendar. When we rise in the morning, we must form a resolution to make our day a happy one for us and all around us. But we think too much about what happened yesterday and we are deeply tangled in those tensions that we are unable to dodge them.

We think it is very important to know as much as we can, about the life and the around the world but we forget to discover our real purpose. Hell, it is too bad. We must know what is our purpose in this life and that how vast are the horizons.

All the confusion that we face is because we ignore to consider the question of passion and beauty. We stop taking actions, right or wrong, any of them. Passion causes pain and without pain, there is no gain. And we stop taking care of our passions which we should.

We are not being controlled by some kind of power that we think of but we stand still. It is because we ignore taking care of our passions, we ignore to look at the beauty of life in the small things.

But, no matter how long we keep this behavior; there lies our passions right behind these behaviors. Passions that can jolt any suppression that may have interfered.

There is a deep sense of austerity in our behaviors. An austere mind is really a beautiful one. It understands the beauty and its goodness. Beauty is immeasurable because it is not in the thing that man alone has created. To perceive what is deeply beautiful, there must not only be a silence of the mind but also great space in the mind.

Our minds are limited and have very little space which is committed to various forms of activities – social, personal, idealistic and so on. Don’t you think that this is one of the reasons of our reluctance in pursuing our passions?


4 thoughts on “A Deep Sense of Austerity

  1. Joe Pineda says:

    People are starting to live too comfortably. They are beginning to seek comfort at all times. Now they are afraid of pain because they don’t understand it.

    • Moazzam Shaikh says:

      That’s true, Joe. People are changing their way of living and going towards comfort and luxury. It’s a post-industrial age of time and it has its own new standards.

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