Efforts to be Aware of

Our life has lots of contradictions and we have to make an effort every time we feel something illogical happening in our life. There is a bundle of things that we think not right as we see and we make an effort to change or mold those things as we think fit.

There is a question lies within us that constantly marking the psychometric in our mind about what is and what should be. Whatever we do, whatever we see other people doing, we think about it. We think about it for a while and sometimes more than just a while.

When we incessantly think about something that is not appealing to us, we feel an urge to make it right or better and we begin finding out ways to do that. Here lies the contradiction and we are ready to make an effort to condition it or to mold it to what it is not at present.

We see violence in the world and there are organizations that are working to end the violence from this planet. They are, undeniably making a huge effort in putting the violence at halt. Similarly, there are people (some of us, or maybe all of us), feel the way that there is something wrong going around them and that conflict speaks to them for a change.

Change is always good. It comes with new ideas, new beginnings, a whole new road to walk down. It invents new things, maybe not perfect but inventions do not stop anyone to improve. It is like the beta version of digital applications which gradually improve.

One day, we stop making the efforts in that direction and get free of all the comparison, all the contradiction and become or invent something entirely new and different.


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