Experience the Silence

The positive can only come through the negative. Our mind is completely aware of all the confusion. We see in our self: anger, jealousy, harshness, violence, mistrust, guilt. We know what we are but we try to change and come out of the confusion.

The nature of the change is the negation of the confusion. Confusion cannot be made stable but the denial of the chaos is the nature of the change. The negation of the chaos is the positive nature of change.

We try to bring about some change in behavior by negating specifically the chaos. Can we completely negate it or put that chaos away? Yes, we can do so and we can do so by negating the very emotion of negative thoughts and insecurity and then we see the change in our behavior and in all our acts.

When we see someone who is really confused and messed up with his life, we call it emotional disorder. We, not only call that behavior but also the person, as confused. Why do we say that for that person? It is because their thoughts have directed them to be that way.

There would be two ways to analyze and bring about the change in that kind of condition. Let’s suppose, I am suffering from some kind of emotional disorder. What I can do to realize and change that condition is to negate to the very feeling that has caught me up or I just simply negate “me” in all my actions.

Since, I am confused because of my thoughts, so if I negate, any movement of thought next to negation, can bring about positive change.

Our thoughts see what is right and what is wrong and therefore they realize that they have to come to an end. When the confusion, the conflict ends, our body and our mind experience an extraordinary silence. That is the time, when we want to see something very clearly and we are able to see. It is the silence that brings about the stability.


2 thoughts on “Experience the Silence

  1. Moazzam Shaikh says:

    Thanks ladyfi for stopping by and for the comment. I truly feel that there is no way out to reach the peace of mind other than to indulge oneself in the calm and silent moments.

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