Comparison: A Function of Pride

One of the mistakes that we make in our spiritual life is to make comparisons. Sometimes we do it verbally by saying things about other people and sometimes we do it in our hearts when we make comparisons between ourselves and others.

Whether it believes that somehow we are better than other people or even that is if we consider ourselves the worst sinner in the world. It is a function of pride more than anything else that we tend to forget the facts.

We make these extended rather exaggerated comparisons between the persons in this world and when we do this comparison more often, we see that the relative difference between men is very minimal even the best of men as compared to the worst of men is a relatively small difference compared to God and us.

In that respect, it means that we are all more or less in the same boat. So we need to examine our own consciences instead of others and to do the best that we can, to be humble, and we need to learn this over and over again.


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