Living in Circles

Our minds are trained by formulas such as my experiences, my knowledge, my family, my country, likes and dislikes, hate, jealousy, envy, sorrow, and so on. All our life is a constant struggle. It starts from the moment we are born until we die.

There are things in our life which are abstract and we try to live at peace not only inwardly but also outwardly. Why are we divided inwardly and outwardly? Actually, there is no such division as the inner and the outer. It is a program that functions in our mind and tells us about the divisions in many aspects of our existence. It tells us not only as the world inside and outside the skin, but also as the division between me and you, we and they, the friend and the enemy, and so on.

We draw circles around ourselves; a circle around me and you, or the family, or the nation, the circle of knowledge one weaves round oneself. These circles divide us and so there is this constant division which brings about conflict. We never go beyond the circle, never look beyond it. We are afraid to leave our own little circle and discover the circle, the barrier, around another. This process of rounding lives in circles, bounding oneself in such restricted spheres, is the structure and the nature of fear.

One builds a barrier around oneself, enclosing a world made up of formulas, concepts, and convictions. Then, living within those walls, one is afraid to go out. This division breeds a great deal of conflict. There is a circle, a wall, behind which I live. And I am not only afraid of what is within, but even more so of what is beyond the wall. There is a circle, a wall, behind which you live and I am not sure how much you are afraid of what is within and what is beyond that, but you are, for sure.


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