By Turning the Pages of History

Is thought the only instrument that we have to deal with all our human problems? We are just questioning it. It may be that thought has no place except for mechanical, technological, and scientific matters.

We live in a world of concepts, in a world of thoughts. We try to solve all our problems, from the most mechanical to psychological problems by means of our concepts, our thoughts.

Many a times, it is difficult for us to build up the concepts for uncertain matters but when we find them, the conflict ends or rather terminates. This happens quite normally in circumstances when there is a great danger, there is an immediate action or there is an instant response in our action.

We all have a crisis in our life either short-term or long-term, either financial or relationship, or any other sort of, but we all face it in our life. Some people face crisis more than once and some people are always in crisis. It varies as the living condition differs. We try to avoid any sort of crisis in our life because we do not have time to think about it. It is also possible that we already knew how to deal with any of it but in such circumstances, our brain with all its old memories, does not instantly respond.

In times of crunch, if we do not deal with the situation immediately, the more it will prolong the more it will cause disturbance. This is why, many of us avoid crunched conditions to trouble us. There are ways to avoid situations like that and when we really need to learn about those, we should learn by turning the pages of history of the world.


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