Revolt of Intelligence

Fear increases the intelligent understanding of life. In seeking comfort, we generally find a quiet corner in life where there is a minimum of conflict, and then we are afraid to step out of that shelter. This fear of life, this fear of struggle and of new experience, kills in us the spirit of adventure; our whole upbringing and education can make us being afraid to be different from our neighbor, afraid to think contrary to the established pattern of society, falsely respectful of authority and tradition.

It is rare when we willingly examine our problems without the bias of the right or of the left, but in the vast majority of us; there is no spirit of discontent, of revolt. When we generate uncomprehendingly to the environment, any spirit of revolt that we may have died down, and our responsibilities soon put an end to it.

Revolt is of two kinds: there is violent revolt, which is mere reaction, without understanding, against the existing order; and there is the deep psychological revolt of intelligence. There are many who revolt against the established orthodoxies only to fall into new orthodoxies, further illusions and concealed self-indulgence. What generally happens is that we break away from one group or set of ideals and join another group; take up other ideals, thus creating a new pattern of thought against which we will again have to revolt. A reaction only breeds opposition, and reform needs further reforms.


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