Maintain an Inconceivable State

In order to relax, we have to talk about our dilemma. It does not matter either we talk to our own self or to someone else. By doing this, we will feel that it is inherently too late to pretend to be an innocent witness.

When we follow the suggestions that we receive under someone’s guidance, we train ourself to achieve strange perceptions, such as controlling our dreams. It takes a lot of effort to follow someone’s guidance as there are certain elements that do not allow us to go on our way without disrupting daily routines. But if we dare, we can do it.

Years after we dared to follow the path of our destinies, we realize that we finally have arrived at a point which we had dreaded long ago. When we see all around us, we feel that our personal history has somehow erased and we are now capable of being alone without disrupting our physical and emotional well-being. That is our most surprising accomplishment of life.

Some people got this capability of controlling their dreams before even following any guidance and eventually they just become the masters of their fortunes. Some people get this a hard way. The significance of this mastery is to be able to not go out of our mind and to maintain an inconceivable state.


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