The Experts’ Blueprints

No matter what the experts may give us their blueprints for planned action because there is no planned action that can save us or that can solve our problems. Human problems are complex and they only can be solved if we take the necessary action at the very moment that the problem occurs. The experts can only deal with our problems on a particular level, so there are chances of increase in the confusion.

It would be terrible if we allow the specialists to dominate our lives. In some cultures, when someone gets severely hurt, people of the community suggest one person’s name for the cure of that ache. Whereas, in some other cultures, when someone gets hurt, people of the community suggest different people for the cure of that pain.

It is better to consult more than one person for just one issue. It is not important either they are specialists or not. This way, we could be able to understand the problem on a larger scale, what their symptoms are, what the cure is, and what the preventions are to avoid such thing to happen again.

By doing this, by consulting more than one person, we actually increase our self-knowledge and awareness about that particular matter as well as the surroundings.

By not doing this, by avoiding to consult more people can be miserable because then there would be chances of making that problem superficial and that would destroy our awareness, our self-knowledge, the discipline to handle it and so on.


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