Above All, is the MUSIC

We exchange ideas with each other to organize our lives and discuss about the changes that we feel happening in our lives. It is a repetitive course of nature. Our ideas bid us to create something around us and the urge to create and live with it, is so much more lively. It surely gives us the purpose of life.

Art. Art is something that has always brought creativity in our lives. Those who create something artistic, are the people who are worthy to be praised and be recognized worldwide because they have something to inspire the world.

The greatest of all arts is MUSIC. It brings hope in us, a hope in men and women, not in society, not in systems, but in me and in you.

We know photography has taken so many steps forward towards advancement and it always amuses us and there is more than one story in every photograph we look.

Photography is somehow an art similar to storytelling. Storytelling is also an art, an art which amuses us so much that we always need more. Same is the case now with photography.

But, above all, is the MUSIC. I admire music as the most powerful art on the planet earth. It has so many variations that the more we listen the more we hold it in the highest regard. There is no limitation in music. I cannot count the genres and the instruments and I do not even want to count them. They are here to be heard and felt so I will just do that. What would you?


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