Talking, Talking and Talking

To some people, talking is a game. They try to control others’ minds while talking, talking and talking. They talk in such a way that they actually do not desire to find out what is on the other side. People who talk like this, are insane.

Human mind constantly seeks security and it has the desire to continue and hopes for a meaningful fulfillment. If we do not give a chance to our listeners to think over what we are saying and then respond with their thoughts and understanding, they would not feel good with us and soon they will start avoiding us.

When we discuss an issue with someone, it is important for both to approach the problem which needs consensus between both, not the only one. So we should put our version politely in front of the other with possibly a complete expression letting the other to understand, and let them get back to us with their viewpoints.

People who do not feel good with our speech can ask us a few things in clarifications and they may give their speech afterwards. It is also possible that some people at once get back to us with their particular responses.

It is a normal process of talking with each other. If someone keeps talking and do not let us even listen to what he/she is saying, it means that he/she is trying to capture our minds which is not a healthy sign of conversation.

My suggestion: When you meet someone who is crazy in talking, you just listen to him/her completely with no expression. When he/she has finished the speech, just ask to repeat what he/she just said.


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