Interacting Online is Fascinating, But…

It is true that the electronic devices are now more than just gadgets and accessories. We are now habitual of using these devices which connect us to the digital world of social networking. Many of us have now realized that how important it is to be present in more than one world. Of course, it has not completely captured the whole world as there are so many of us who still think social networking is good and important but there must be a physical contact with people, whereas the online social networking through different electronic devices is of no use. Sooner or later, we get a non-existent feeling in us.

The advancements of digital world have fainted the boundaries between the people living in different continents, in different countries with different cultures and values. Where we talk about freedom and no boundaries, there is a fact that should also address that boundaries contain their own wisdom. We need boundaries to be completely able to dedicate our attention on one thing and not worry about all the others.

It is like when we know that we have to go out of our house to buy vegetables so we go, when we know that we have to go out of our country to buy some industrial material so we go. We do not keep following the hawker or we do not keep following the manufacturer of industrial material. We only contact them when we need something from them otherwise we keep us focused on our companions, families and friends.

But connecting to the digital world has now become a fascination which is increasing day by day and we are unknowingly going deeper into it.

We are often multi-tasking. We have various short-term moods and we behave indifferent in real life but at the same time we do not show off the same variation in our mood while interacting online. It is good that we have self-control and we do not show off online our real mood but we cannot hide from those moods and sooner or later we get frustrated. We have to share our real feelings with the people we interact otherwise it won’t be a healthy sign of living.

We should emphasis on unnecessary usage of these electronic devices which needlessly complicate our daily lives and drain our attention without any good reason and should try to improve the quality of our lives (with or without these devices).


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