Processing Failure

A successful person or community is one who is most efficient at processing failure. Defensive actions such as blaming the offender will only run the wheels further into the groove, which is immeasurable.

We are anxious to improve our circumstances, but are not willing to improve ourselves and so we remain bound. If we want change or improvement in our lives or in the circumstances, we must be willing to change ourselves otherwise happiness cannot happen when the old self is stuck in its old ways.

When we concentrate on ourselves in view of bringing up the change in our lives, we must work thoughtfully and consciously. Our prosperity is the reflection of our positive and meaningful thoughts and the best path to success is calmness of mind.

People who are calm, relaxed, and purposeful appear as if that is their natural state, but nearly always it is the crop of self-control. Some people have advanced knowledge of how thought works; they have a strong attraction in them and often people turn to them because they are masters of their selves and they enjoy stability.


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