The Narrow Fields of Mind

Bores do better in almost all fields and this is the advantage bores have over the interesting people. People usually think boring people are stupid and are unable to enjoy life as they should but they never think that people can be boring and brilliant.

Dull people are determined, efficient and happy to work round the clock. The very first time, when people declare someone as bore, is the time of schooling when active and interesting boys and girls declare those who don’t meet or compete with them, as bore.

If we look at the deeper side of boring people, we will find some great leadership qualities in them. Boring people are more successful than interesting ones. It is because boring people are simpler, nicer and they get into less trouble.

Bores usually think more and feel deeper than the interesting people and if we ask about something from them, we can get a detailed answer. It is because they live simply and keep their eyes on different things for as long as it needed. The most beautiful thing about them is that they never get stuck in narrow fields of their minds.

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