Beat the Bad Mood

To succeed at work and to beat the bad mood, a very simple act of smiling can help us whenever and wherever we are. Our body language has a lot to do with this. As we think about various issues throughout the day, we try to find different solutions to different situations. Sometimes, we find a few and sometime don’t and this cause tension.

How often and better we react to different hard situations depends upon how powerful and in control of a situation we feel. The more we feel being in control, the easier we get to the solutions and being able to beat the bad mood.

There are a few postures other than smiling that can help us being in control at work and to beat the bad mood: 1) Deep breathing is helpful, 2) Spreading arms for a while, 3) Leaning head on the table for a minute. These postures have an effect on our psychological and physiological system in such a way that we feel calm and relieved. And it can be applicable to both, men and women.


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