An Ingrained Phrase of our Culture

“It is better to give than receive.” — A very common and ingrained phrase of our cultures. So many times, we listen to this phrase. It is deeply rooted that we do not even question it. The effect of this phrase inspires us to be a leader of our domestic and social circle. Being competent of always in a giving condition, is so very difficult that sometimes it hit us severely and we lost in no definitions of what actually has happened to us.

It is natural and obvious that we as human beings cannot be strong enough for the lifetime to give something to others every time. It raises anger and confusion at the same time. In this competency, we make ourselves so strong to never make mistakes and we think to ourselves that we will only receive something when there is something we have to give in return.

It is highly challenging and it is easier to give than receive but not necessarily better. When we used to give something to others every time we meet, it takes away the power and the opportunity to grow from them and keeps them always dependent. It is very important to know when to give and when to receive, what to give and what to receive. There is a time when we should give and show the competency and there is a time to receive something as well with thanks. If you consider this receiving of something as a part of your own giving the other way that you are actually giving a change to others to give something to you. It will help them feel good and well-grown and you will also not feel incompetence by any mean.


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