Virtual Meeting Places

I agree that every invention has its pros and cons. If we consider any invention purposefully, we should be using it in a right way otherwise there is nothing useful in that and it might lead us to nowhere but to obsession.

As we talk about social networking or we can say that we talk about social networking sites to our friends; some of us forget the niche purpose being there.

These social networking sites are more like virtual meeting places where we can just chill and hang out for a while. It’s somehow similar to a café where we like to sit with some friends, have chat about different issues along with the cup of coffee and leave with a good gesture.

Apart from this fact, there are some optional features also there for us to promote ourselves as a particular professional or as a complete business entity just like we do different things (advertise, campaigning, etc.) to promote our business. It’s fun if we use the features of social networking sites well otherwise there’s nothing interesting left for us as well as for the rest of the world.


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