Subjective Advice

I remember, when I was doing my graduation, people around me kept asking me “what would you be doing after finishing your grad?”, and I had to give them different answers every time on the same question just to stay in discussing the same issue and to feel the same joy as the questioners had.

But the interesting thing is that when someone asked me this question for the first time, I instantly put my thoughts and plans on the table of discussion which was very much exciting for me and for the interviewer as well, I guess so…

Sometimes, I got “beyond happiness” response, because people with similar brains appreciate you and guide you to some extent in a way that you reach your goal. Those moments were cherished and brought sparkle in my eyes and I felt confident.

I also came across with some old-age people in the same discussion and found out that they wanted to see themselves, their children or even grandchildren in the similar field which is nearly to impossible because people think differently on particular subjects even they live together. But the old-age people never neglect their vision to become or to help someone to become the one, whom they admired.

Pleasing our own self or someone else in this way somehow is a purpose of visionary people and they always keep themselves in the same loop of subjective advice.


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