A Poem on Our Busy Lives

Around the corner, I have a friend

In the city, that has no end

The days go by and weeks rush on

And before I know, a year has gone

I never see my old friends’ face

Now we are busy, tired men

Tired of playing a foolish game

Tired of trying to make a name

Tomorrow I say I’ll call on my friend

Just to show that I’m thinking of him

But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes

And distance between us grows and grows

Around the corner yet miles away

Here’s a telegram

Sir, your friend died today

That’s what we get and deserve in the end

Around the corner, a vanished friend.

When I read this poem for the very first time, I didn’t realize what it is saying. I received it from a dear friend of mine who is living in a world, far away from me. I remember when I met him last time, it was almost 10 years since we haven’t met face-to-face. And once again, it is almost 2 years now that we didn’t get a chance to get together. So every message through any medium I receive from him, is precious to me.

When I read this poem one more time, I realized that how much we are attached to each other emotionally and I could not tell that how much I miss hugging him. It saddened me because it is true that we are running towards something which we do not know, we could get or not. We are so much tied up that we just go on and on and miss so much at the same time.


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