The Conditioning of Life

What is it that we seek, that we want? In the restless times, everybody tries to find peace. Some people find yoga as an option because they think that it cures the injuries outside as well as inside. Others find some other spiritual activity to indulge in order to get peace.

When we pursue peace and happiness, we go to the different leaders seeking our purpose. We continuously go from one leader to another, from religious organization to the teachers and so on. Why do we go to different leaders for help to bring happiness in our life? Why don’t we just stop by a single person for the same reason? Actually, we do not seek happiness, we want to find a sense of fullness, a sense of satisfaction, a sense of delight.

The outer world is so very beautiful for a tour but it takes a lot in it to solve and to understand that we are unable to crack it on every step that we take. This is when we find ourselves going through turmoil and we badly need to get rid of it. It is not impossible to understand and enjoy more and more, but it takes time and enough courage to live that way which most of us are unable to realize. Our conscious minds are so afraid and limited by the unconsciousness that we often lose control over our knowledge and thoughts for more expansion.

It is far more better to devote oneself to a cause, to an idea, to spend long time under that shelter when one found it. Practicing this, will not solve all the problems but it will help to understand how to tackle them. Keep going back under that shelter when we feel like thinking about a conflict can surely give us a way to feel happy and satisfied inwardly as well as outwardly.

A friend of mine used to feed the birds regularly and he found an enormous satisfaction in that service. People having sensitivity towards the nature and God’s creations, are less impulsive and much satisfied by the conditions of their lives.


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