Promote the Inner Self

Simplicity is merely an outward expression. If we measure simplicity by having few possessions, few clothes, small bank account; that would not simplicity. That is an outward show. We are immature enough to use our intelligence without any guidance and we call it simplicity.

To me, simplicity is essential and it cannot come in to being by measuring possessions. It can come in to being when we begin to understand the worth of self-knowledge. For that reason, we must seek knowledge that can speak simply. It is just an adjustment to a pattern of our living and thoughts.

Our thoughts are not as simple as they should be. It requires a great deal of intelligence to be simple. The problem is that we think about external things most of the time so that we calculate things externally. When we start working on internal things which demand from us to surrender our external thoughts, patterns, and intelligence.

The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for, which is why mostly we ignore our inner selves and keep looking at the world in the same patterns, the outward show. Actually, we like to be prisoners, which is why, we do not try to think over or understand those things that can allow us to feel free from within. Whereas, simplicity can be found when we are free inwardly.

We must try to promote our inner self, our deep thoughts, for the sake of living a healthy and simple life well-knowingly. We must conquer our bad outward habits and stretch the boundaries of our inner pure feelings to a longer field.


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